[Pic] Special OnTae *Part 1*   8 comments

Hello guys..

It’s me the one nd only admin in here : Barbie imnida..!! *LOL..

Thank’s for visit my blog although there’s not much in it + almost all of u are silent readers!!!

Well, I’m not mad because of u guys aren’t give any comment to my posts, while in my dashboard it says more than 100 visitors each day.

Still I wanna know ur opinion, comment, suggestion, even if u bash me I’ll accept..!!

I wanna know those who visit nd read any content in this blog..

So.. once again I tell u to leave ur comment.. It’ll help me to improve my writing skill, and I’ll consider to add more info or content about SHINee. (lol sok inggris banget!!  Yah supaya lebih sopan aja gue ngungkapin isi hati..wkwk)

Dan..ini dia pic yang gue janjiin beberapa hari yang lalu..

Untuk OnTae shipper ini khusus buat kalian…

Check this out..!!







Segitu aja dulu guys..

nd ga bosen2 nya aku mengingatkan untuk men-support aku dengan tinggalkan komen kalian ^^


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Posted 29 April 2011 by MVP in PIC

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8 responses to “[Pic] Special OnTae *Part 1*

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  1. wah , oppa oppa ku ganteng sekaliiii 🙂

  2. hahaha…
    onnie lucu bgt yg gambar gerak y

  3. hahahaa…
    onnie umur y brp?
    punya fb gk?
    biar ntar aku add?

  4. Barbiee.. Aku req pic onkey dunt..

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