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Hai..hai..hai.. Chingudeul..

Ketemu lagi dengan saya author BARBIE disini.. lol

Lagi – lagi, saya dapat ini dari SFI..


Thanks banget buat mereka2 yang sudah baik hati nge-share + translatin message Onew..

Jadi kita2 yang ga ngerti bahasa korea bisa tau deh apa yang di ucapin ama Onew tercinta..

Well, check this out..!!!

[FAN] What do you do when you are hungry?

[ONEW] I eat food


[FAN] What was the bill in your pocket when you played Rock Of Ages? Wondering

[ONEW] Money?


[FAN] I want to get a reply from you

[ONEW] dat-a-t (I don’t know what it means…..^^;;; just OnewSangtae?)


[FAN] Don’t you sleep? The weekend like golden eggs has just 1 minute left

[ONEW] Is it going to be changed to silver?


[FAN] Song-Jinki!

            Song-Joongki + Lee-JinKi

You were too cute at Music Core~

[ONEW] What (lol) are you? Cheong Jinki?

(CheongJinki means a stethoscope in Korean)


[FAN] Let’s play hide-and-seek at Seoul Woman’s Univ ^^

[ONEW] Sleepy


[FAN] Hing..(cute whining sound) See you at Seoul Woman’s Univ

[ONEW] Bye


[FAN] I want to see Onsical (Onew = Musical)!!

            You are going to do musical again, right? Lee-actor? T.T

[ONEW] What’s Onsical? Am I Onsoo (Onew + Gasoo)? Not Gasoo?

            (Gasoo means singer in Korean)


[FAN] Jinki-ya, is it true you can see fans profile on UFO Town?

            Do you see my name and age?????

[ONEW] Goodnight Ssabu

(He controlV-ed this to lots of fans before going to bed.)

(‘ssabu’ is u sually for an instructor, master and teacher in a funny way. So, his fans became his Ssabus now. lol)


[FAN] You are like ‘Aeck-Hee’ in your newly dyed hair, keke. You look younger

            (Aeck-Hee is Aegi, another way of typing it online)

[ONEW] How fortunate it isn’t ‘Aeck-Bak’ (His word-gag)

(It’s an internet word and expression when you see small X-mark instead of images because these images are taken down)


[FAN] Hyung, please say ‘I Love you, Rogatis’ T.T!!

[ONEW] What a unique name


[FAN] I’m taking a day off to see you at Seoul Woman’s Univ. Are you coming?
[ONEW] I don’t know (T/N: he prob does’t know his schedule yet)

([FAN] Aku mengambil libur untuk melihatmu di Seoul Woman Univ. Apa kamu akan datang?

[ONEW] Aku ga tahu.. (T/N: Onew kemungkinan belum tau jadwalnya)

[FAN] Jinki-ya, it’s too late. go sleep. (T/N: ‘~ya’ isn’t honorific language.)
[ONEW] 19-year old Eunji-ya, do not talk down to me;;; (T/N: he can see fangirl’s name and age on UFO)

([FAN] Jinjki-ya, Ini sudah sangat larut. Pergilah tidur. (T/N: ‘~ya’ bukan bahasa yang sopan)

[ONEW] Eunji-ya 19 th, jangan berbicara yang tidak sopan(hormat) padaku (T/N: Onew bisa liat umur fangirl tersebut di UFO)

[FAN] ‘If you are still beautiful’ is so good. (T/N: It’s a song by Kim-yeonwoo)
[ONEW] It’s the first song I’ve practiced.

([FAN] ‘If u are still beautiful’ sangan bagus (T/N: itu judul lagunya Kim-yeonwoo)

[ONEW] Itu adalah lagu pertama yang aku nyanyikan.
[FAN] Where can I find (meet) a man like you? lonely lonely lonely T.T.T.T.T.T
[ONEW] I never search for a man/ I won’t meet a man. So I don’t know.

([FAN] Dimana aku bisa bertemu cowo sepertimu? sepi ..sepi..sepi

[ONEW] Aku ga pernah mencari cowo/ aku ga bertemu cowo. jadi aku ga tau.. *LOL*
[FAN] Because noona has been very tired lately.. Do you want to give me some lottery numbers? Maybe 6?
[ONEW] If I knew I would go and buy them myself

([FAN] Karena noona sangat capek akhir2 ini.. apa kamu mau memberi nomor lotere? mungkin 6?

[ONEW] Jika aku tau, aku akan pergi dan membeli untuk diriku sendiri *XD*

I love you too too?
[ONEW] Goodnight

([FAN] Aku cinta kamu juga

[ONEW] Selamat malam
[FAN] ⊙.⊙
[ONEW] Goodnight

[FAN] I like minced beef soup (Aku suka sup daging rebus)
[ONEW] Goodnight

[FAN] Jonghyun oppa is mine~ You are also mine~ (Jonghyun oppa adalah milikku. kamu juga milikku)
[ONEW] Goodnight

[FAN] I’m tired, I’m going to bed first! Oppa sleep soon and become a pretty boy with good skin~ Goodnight
[ONEW] Goodnight

[FAN] The best person at gags~ Onew (Manusia terbaik dalam lelucon~Onew)
[ONEW] Goodnight
Source: dub.dothome/shakizi/baidu
Eng Trans: iamaprila+vivz@soompi

Full cre: SFI

Ind Trans:  Barbie(MVP)


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One response to “[UFO REPLIES] Onew 110425

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  1. Ini UFO terbaru yah??
    Wah cepet author BARBIE update nya..
    Itu yg terakhir, kayaknya onew copas deh pesan ‘goodnight’..
    Mungkin oppa udah cape ya, mau bobo..
    Pengen juga bisa kirim pesan ke oppa..

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