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Gaseum gadeuk.han geudae heunjeok
Nareul soomshwigae haeyo
Dal.bit.chae gin bami modu mooldeulmyeon
Hye.eonal su eopneun gidarin da kkeutchi nalkkayo
Gijeokeul bileo mootgo dap.haeyo

O geudae mamae datgo shipeun nal malhaji mot.hae
Shirin gooreum dwi.ae garin byeolbitdeul.cheoreom
Saranghae ipsool kkeutae maemdoldeon apeum gobaek
Modu kkeutnae noonmulae heulleo

Shimjangae datneun ee hwasaleun eejen nae mom gatgaetjyo
Jukeul mankeum neomu apado
Nae mamae bak.hin geudaereul kkeonael su eopnaeyo

*Na geudael gatji mot.haedo nae mami kkeutnae
Seulpeun inyeonae byeok apaegaromak.hyeodo
Saranghae barabol suman itneun gosiramyeon
Geudaen nae jeonbunikka

Su maneun bam jisae.ooda
Nae noonmul gateun byeol.bit.chi
Meotji anneun biga dwaemyeon
Gieok.haeyo naega saranghaetdan geol

*Repeat x2

Himgyeopji anayo, oh no
Nae geudaera geudaenikka
Apado oolryeodo saranghae



Your traces that my heart is filled with
Makes me able to breathe
When the long night is colored by the moonlight
Will the inescapable wait all end?
I wish for a miracle and ask and answer myself

Oh, I can’t tell you about me
Who wants to reach your heart
Like the starlight hidden behind the cold clouds
I love you, in the end, this painful confession
That lingers at the edge of my lips slide down in tears

This arrow that’s reached my heart
Feels like a part of my body now
Even though it hurts to death
I can’t remove you, who’s stuck in my heart
Because it’s love
Because for me, it’s love

*Even if I can’t have you
In the end, even when my heart is blocked
By the wall of sad connection
I love you, if it’s a place
where I can just watch you
Because you’re my everything

I stay up for so many nights
When the starlight becomes rain
That doesn’t stop like my tears
Remember that I loved you

*Repeat x2

It’s not tough, oh no
Because you have to be mine
In order for you to be you
Even if it hurts
Even if you make me cry
I love you


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